Read an open letter from founder/owner Phil Schmidt.

This Wall Street Journal article is a must-read for those family members who are in the middle of making the tough decisions surrounding where their senior loved ones should live out the remainder of their lives. It makes a very compelling case for them continuing to live in the comfort, safety and happiness of their own home with care and assistance. This has been the primary mission of SeniorKare since Day 1 and it’s never changed.

Phil Schmidt, Founder of SeniorKare, a company providing top quality In-Home Care for Seniors

Some notable excerpts from the article:

“The pandemic is reshaping the way Americans care for their elderly, prompting family decisions to avoid nursing homes and keep loved ones in their own homes for rehabilitation and other care.”

“I don’t think we’re ever going to go back [to the nursing home environment. The drive to get every patient home who can be home is going to continue.”

“Fearing infection and isolation, relatives are turning to home care as new services make that option more possible for many.”