Read an open letter from founder/owner Phil Schmidt.

About SeniorKare

SeniorKare comes highly recommended from clients and their families because of the level of caring assistance and professionalism they provide Seniors.

About In-home SeniorKare
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Why SeniorKare

SeniorKare comes highly recommended from clients and their families because of the level of caring assistance and professionalism we provide seniors. With the rare ability to be responsible, yet caring, our assistants feel like a member of the family. SeniorKare is supportive, warm and even motivational, on those days when our seniors and family members need that extra level of involvement.

Our goal is to provide the utmost in top quality temporary and permanent in-home assistance to our clients delivered by a well trained, highly motivated and caring staff who exude the values of professionalism, honesty and integrity. SeniorKare creates customized plans placing the needs of our clients first.

Selective Recruiting and Staffing Practices

Selective Recruiting & Staffing Practices

SeniorKare’s Owner takes an active role and total ownership of the recruitment process by personally searching, interviewing and hiring high-quality assistants. In addition, SeniorKare utilizes a benchmark hiring and recruiting process to ensure only the best candidates are selected. SeniorKare’s staff is 100% employee-based, and we do not use subcontractors.

Client Needs Assessment

Client Needs Assessment

SeniorKare utilizes an assessment process to align each client with an assistant best suited for their specific needs and situation. Historically, this has created a strong bond between clients and assistants.

Proprietary Code of Ethics

Proprietary Code of Ethics

SeniorKare has developed a proprietary Code of Ethics and Best Practices which each employee follows. This creates a level of consistency for quality throughout the company.

Personalized In-Home Orientation

Personalized In-Home Orientation

SeniorKare provides an initial in-home orientation for each client and their respective family members. A personalized and detailed assistance plan is then developed. SeniorKare takes these essential steps as a means of establishing an environment of stability, safety and comfort for each and every client.

Meet Our Team

Phil Schmidt

Owner and Founder of SeniorKare

Phil and his family worked in the automotive business since the late 50’s before opening SeniorKare in 2014. Prior to starting SeniorKare, Phil served on Medical Boards around the state of Arkansas, including Arkansas Children’s Hospital from 1996-2011 and the UAMS Reynolds Center on Aging community board. His vision for SeniorKare was born out of the many shortcomings he saw in the caregiving industry while searching for care for his own mother. He founded his company with the goal to rectify those shortcomings and deliver a better quality of care for families and their loved ones.

Coretta Coleman

Staffing Coordinator, Resident Long Term Care Specialist

Coretta has over 25 years of medical experience and training. She manages caregivers in their daily tasks, and she excels in working with clients to meet their needs, resolving any issues with a caring and compassionate approach.

Shmeka Alor

Office Manager/Scheduling Coordinator

With over 19 years of experience in Healthcare and Business Administration, Shmeka fills each caregivers’ shifts for SeniorKare. Her highest priority is to provide the best possible care and companionship to our clients by matching the best caregiver to their care plan.

Founder’s Story – Phil Schmidt (Owner and Founder)

Growing old is inevitable… The years have a way of catching up with us, and when they do, we generally share a common wish: to live out our years in our existing homes, safely and comfortably.

But finding a qualified caregiver is easier said than done. However, as owner and founder of SeniorKare, I am passionate about providing the best caregiving options for all of my clients.

SeniorKare was born from my own trouble in finding good in-home care for my own mother, who lived in South Arkansas. I was working out of state on a consulting job with my previous business, when my mother, whose husband had died the previous year, had a serious accident in her home.

So, I went and started looking for good caregiving companies to take care of her. I never could find anybody who would send a consistent person more than 2-3 times. Most caregivers were just contract labor.

My family had been in the automotive business since the late 50’s before selling it to a public company and opening SeniorKare. The transition was shocking. We had done a better job orienting people to the auto service department than we were seeing other caregiving companies do with human lives.

However, I felt like I was well equipped for the challenge as not only a seasoned businessman, but I also served on medical boards across the state, including Arkansas Children’s Hospital from 1996-2011 and, presently, the UAMS Reynolds Institute Center on Aging board.

I founded the company under the name “Homeality” and changed it to SeniorKare in 2018.

Now, SeniorKare employs over 250 caregivers across the state of Arkansas, serving Little Rock and North Little Rock, Maumelle, Jacksonville, Sherwood, Benton, Bryant, Bauxite, Alexander, Pine Bluff, White Hall, Hot Springs, Hot Springs Village, Conway, Morrilton, Russellville, Searcy, Lonoke, El Dorado, Camden, Magnolia, Jonesboro, and Paragould. SeniorKare also has expanded into NWA and the Northern Half of Mississippi.

SeniorKare sets itself apart from other similar companies through its hands-on approach. A lack of engagement by, and accessibility to owners in this industry is commonplace; however, SeniorKare has put an end to that. I am available all the time. We’re proud to be that company where the owner is right there, upfront, answering the telephone. We are 24/7, and my staff and I are accessible, easy to reach, and quick to respond. I love talking to my clients and prospective clients, and nobody screens my calls.

I meet and personally hire every SeniorKare employee to ensure that they understand my level of expectations. I want our employees to know the culture they’re getting into with our company. I also want them to know the code of ethics that we have laid out. They have to read the code, believe in it, adhere to it, understand it and sign their personal commitment and adhere to it.

While there are countless agencies across Arkansas that provide in-home care, hardly any of them offer customization of the process. That’s also where SeniorKare is different.

SeniorKare provides customized onboarding assessments for clients and their families that are tailored to their specific needs. We sit down with the family members or family representative and have a conversation to detail the specific needs of the client. We then examine the personalities and skillsets of our assistants to determine which assistant best fits the client’s needs.

Services offered through SeniorKare include companionship and 24/7 long-term assistance, including home or assisted living, basic assistance with personal care and/or daily living assistance, respite care in other care facilities, hospital sitting, running errands, shopping, doctor visits, laundry, light housekeeping, meal preparation, monitoring, and assistance with therapy and exercise. SeniorKare is also actively engaged in hospice care.

We also specialize in Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Our whole mission is to keep people in their homes for as long as possible–hopefully for the rest of their lives. I’m on a personal mission to make people feel better about the word ‘care’ in the home.

Phil is extremely professional and has been responsive to all of our changing care needs. He has also been very good at explaining the way that the caregivers should work with my father and how his condition compares to that of other dementia patients his team has cared for.